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The History of a Park Hill and the Hotel Maria

Hotel Maria is situated on a park hill also known as Mary Hill, located in Strzelin. The name of the city derives from the Slavic word "Strela" -an arrow. A legend says  that it is the wife of the prince Bolek I Świdnicki who  released an arrow from the Mary Hill, indicating the site of town Strzelin (Town Hall).


One of the earliest traces of a human existence on strzelin's earth is a copper hatchet from the Bronze Age found on the Mary Hill at the hotel.

The earliest founded park area is the north part of the park - it happened ind  60-years of the XIX century. From that time comes the stone tables and obelisks located in the park. "Strehlener Bergeverein" which were the predecessors of the  today's society "Towarzystwo Wzgórz Strzelińskich" founded the park on the Marry Hill (184 m above sea level) in the 1892. The basic planting in the park were avenues of chestnut, acacia, oaks and lime-tree. In this time also avenues and cafe in the style of hunting palace were built. Park was a place of rest in the air, recreation and tourism. Top of the park gives the start of the main range of Strzelin Hills  and is the beginning of the route to the main summit of the hills - "Gromnik".  In the early twentieth century, park was enlarged by planting new trees.

At the top of the hill the Virgin Mary is a stone associated with the legend of a presence in Strzelin st. Mary, who fled with Jesus before Herod. On the stone there are - according to some callers - donkey hooves, and according to other sources - the heel of Mary and , traces of small feet of Jesus. There are also people who have heard other versions of the legend - the stone is the place where one  heard the voice of st. Mary, warning of a difficult and danger times (this was before the husit's war ). On the stone there are carved letters "A.D. 1677 "- the rest of the write is unreadable. Apparently there was once a chappel which was a the goal of pilgrimage from all over Silesia. If someone is able to help to explain these legends please contact the reception guidance of the hotel.

After the 1945 the history of the villa at the top of the park hill is uknown. In 1989 after 45 years of comunism, the object has already been completely devastated and required demolition. In a tragical condition was also the whole park hill .

In 1990, Maria and Mieczysław Jurewiczowie began building of a hotel on the Park Hill. The whole idea and concept of the hotel as well as architectural details are the work of  the owner Mr Mieczyslaw Jurewicz. With pre-rustic style villa remained only a fragment of the terrace and the a part of a restaurant room. During the building  of the hotel  also tracks, access routes to the top of the hill, fountains and charming avenues were built.
Hotel Maia was put into use on New Year's Eve 1992, and according to informations held by us it was the  first private hotel built in Poland since World War II.
In 2007 Mr Jurewicz started  an  expansion of the hotel. As a result, the number of beds has almost doubled (up to 30 rooms). An elegant Banquet and Conference Hall has been built. There's also a place in the cellars for a small swimming  pool and  a space for wellness.

Today, Park Hill and the Hotel Maria and its Restaurant and Bar serve the people of Strzelin and visitors. It's a place of relaxation and in the garden and park areas take place numerous  sporting events, concerts, and celebrations .


part of the text is taken from: urban parks