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At the same time in sauna can sit 4 persons.


If you are going to take a bath let the receptionist know about it one hour before, because the sauna has to be warm up.

The temperature in sauna takes out 70-100?C and the moisture 10?-50?.

The Finnish sauna relaxes and refine. When you sweat the toxic substances are disposed of your body; high temperature immunizes body. The high blood pressure is temporary lowered, disappear the pain of muscles and the pain of joints, your skin becomes more soft. Watering the hot rocks produces steam ionising the air which is profitable because it prevents tiredness, nervousness, and restless less. The bath in Finnish sauna is the perfect remedy for colds and other ailments.


The bath in Finnish sauna consist in staying in high and low temperature interchangeably.


The first phase of bath:

Before the bath you have to take a shower, then you should dry yourself and come in to the Finnish sauna.

The second phase of bath:

In to the sauna you have to sit or lie on a bench and all parts of your body must be on the same level.

In silence and peace the first drops of sweat appear. After about 8-13 minutes the rocks need watering slowly with a small amount of water (one or two wooden spoons). In this moment you will feel the hit of hot air. Watering rocks is called ?the sauna's soul? by the Finns and they believe it to be the most important moment of the bath.

In a moment of maximum heat, when you think ?I can't stand it anymore? you have to leave the sauna and take a cold shower to coll yourself down. After cooling and resting you can repeat the bath.

Please close the glass door every time You leave sauna.


Wishing You unforgetable impressions

Życząc przyjemnej kąpieli


Dyrektor Hotelu Maria

Mieczysław Jurewicz